Entrepreneurial Fair

On January 18th, Ukreate Hub, together with partners, organized an entrepreneurial fair to provide Ukrainians in Lithuania with a comprehensive view of business opportunities.

Motivational ideas and plans to unite Lithuanians and Ukrainians around one idea to create “strong bridges” can often be heard nowadays. We were able to turn these ideas into action and unite seven Lithuanian organizations around a common goal – to explain to Ukrainians their business opportunities in the Republic of Lithuania.

Photo: Nail Garejev

Bringing together organizations such as the International Organization for Migration, Refugee Council, Tech Park Kaunas, Lithuanian Social Business, Women Go Tech, and Innovation Agency Lithuania was a challenge for us. Nevertheless, we managed to overcome it and set a higher level for such kinds of events.

It was a unique opportunity for Ukrainians to ask representatives of the organizations about their programs in person. But how do we ensure that these questions were heard? We came to the common conclusion that a “fair” format would be the best way to channel the restless ideas of our participants. Each organization had its own space with all the necessary information. As a result, the participants were able to find partners and gain knowledge that will help them start a business.

Eugenija Kovaliova, the Lithuanian CEO of Ukreate Hub, highlighted the importance of bringing together like-minded individuals in an intellectually stimulating environment to foster meaningful conversations and connections. “The initiative started with just a few organizations and has grown into a beautiful and growing partnership of different organizations. We hope that it will help and benefit Ukrainian women as they integrate into the Lithuanian business ecosystem.

In the culmination of our efforts, we witnessed the power of collaboration as seven Lithuanian organizations stood united, paving the way for a brighter future of entrepreneurship for Ukrainians in Lithuania. With determination and a shared vision, we’ve not only set a new standard but also ignited a spark of inspiration that will continue to fuel innovation and empowerment within our communities.