Activate. Enable. Connect.

Ukreate Hub – a Vilnius based competence center, dedicated to displaced Ukrainians in Lithuania, equipping them with knowledge, skills, network, and other tools to unleash their potential for the future of Ukraine 

photo Mira Flash
photo Mira Flash
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photo Nail Garejev


  • Ukreate Hub's mini-grant competition

    Since 2022, Ukreate Hub has initiated two mini-grant programs, successfully conducting two waves and funding 20 projects to date.

    Project topics

    • Creating Ukrainian narratives – bringing Ukrainian voices to the forefront
    • Women’s role in the recovery of Ukraine – social innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Preserving and enhancing Ukraine’s democratic orientation
  • Ukreate Hub membership

    As a member of the hub you will have access to hub premises and facilities (meeting rooms, event venue). You will also get first hand information on everything Hub will have to offer to its members.

    Become Hub Member

  • Networking events

    Ukreate Hub facilitates professionally relevant networking events, inviting Ukrainians and Lithuanians to get to know each other and create new connections.

    We hold the most networking events among cluster members.

  • Clusters

    Clusters are membership based groups for active Ukrainians. They are not only narrowly focused groups where members of our community can interact on a deeper level, it’s also a powerful networking. 

    Within clusters, Ukrainians can exchange experiences, coordinate relevant events, amplify the Ukrainian voice globally, spearhead projects, enhance interaction with Ukrainian society and locals, cultivate professional networks, and more. Vilnius’s community stands out with its significant presence, emphasizing the city’s central role as a nexus for professional clusters spanning cultural, psychological, business, and academic spheres.

    These communities provide a support network and collaboration opportunities, fostering personal development and enriching the Ukrainian cultural landscape.

  • Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurship Programme

    This is a unique opportunity to receive free training that will help ukrainian women in Lithuania turn their business ideas into a step-by-step detailed business plan, learn how to attract investment and find business partners, improve your business thinking, and find support in the community of women entrepreneurs.

    The program is conducted in cooperation with U&WE Hub

  • Internship programme

    This programme is aimed at young professionals and students who could bring their analytical and research skills to produce a variety of materials (policy briefs, problem analysis, mapping, analytical articles, etc) that would be inline with the overall mission of the hub and could complement hub activities. The internship is paid.


News and Events

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Ukreate Hub Clusters

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Ukreate Hub’s mini-grant competition

Since 2022, Ukreate Hub has initiated two mini-grant programs, successfully conducting two waves and...
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Support us

  • Partnerships

    We are continuously working with private sector and individuals to find ways for mutually beneficial partnerships. Please contact us at for more information and suggestions.

Partners and supporters

Our goals

Activate. To energize Ukrainians to become agents of change 

  • Trainings & workshops
    based on community needs
  • Professional clusters within community
  • Ideation workshops
  • Intellectual discussions
    rethinking the future of Ukraine

Enable. To create enabling ecosystem for civic engagement driven by a shared vision and global cooperation

  • Access to workspace
  • Access to professional consultations
  • Access to donors’ network
  • Access to financial support
  • Residency program for human rights defenders

Connect. To facilitate creation of sustainable connections that would work for the future of Ukraine

  • Building bridges between diaspora
    and homeland
  • Integration with Lithuanians
  • Access to bigger European network

Ukreate Hub Team