Ukreate Hub Clusters

A “cluster” in the context of Ukreate Hub’s activities means a group of people, a “community within a community”, who come together to jointly achieve certain goals, develop innovations, share knowledge, resources or create shared value in a particular industry or field of activity.

What are these communities and who are their leaders?

Mental health professionals — Svitlana Voitsekhovska

Cultural creators and managers — Maria Kutnyakova

Academics and students — Dmytro Mamayev

Women’s entrepreneurship — Kateryna Okhotnyk

Clusters are membership based groups for active Ukrainians. They are not only narrowly focused groups where members of our community can interact on a deeper level, it’s also a powerful networking.

Within clusters, Ukrainians can exchange experiences, coordinate relevant events, amplify the Ukrainian voice globally, spearhead projects, enhance interaction with Ukrainian society and locals, cultivate professional networks, and more. Vilnius’s community stands out with its significant presence, emphasizing the city’s central role as a nexus for professional clusters spanning cultural, psychological, business, and academic spheres.

These communities provide a support network and collaboration opportunities, fostering personal development and enriching the Ukrainian cultural landscape.