Ukreate Hub’s mini-grant competition

Since 2022, Ukreate Hub has initiated two mini-grant programs, successfully conducting two waves and funding 20 projects to date.

Our strength is in people, and we try to create as many opportunities for them as possible. We believe that self-realization is one of the human needs for self-activation.

The Mini-grant program for the Ukrainian activists in Lithuania can be a wonderful example of such an idea. This way we can support an activist with his or her idea, and who knows, maybe this assistance will be decisive for further self-realization? 

In April 2023, Ukreate Hub launched a second mini-grant program. So far, two waves of mini-grants have been held, with 20 projects receiving funding.  

Project topics

  • Creating Ukrainian narratives – bringing Ukrainian voices to the forefront
  • Women’s role in the recovery of Ukraine – social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Preserving and enhancing Ukraine’s democratic orientation

What steps does an application go through before receiving funding? 

First thing to be managed – we are making the competitive selection process as transparent as possible. Therefore, the application goes through the following stages of evaluation.

  1. Technical selection
  2. Expert assessment
  3. Project pitching
  4. Evaluation of participants

Through our mini-grant programs, we not only provide vital support for Ukrainian activists in Lithuania but also nurture the seeds of self-realization and empowerment. With each project funded, we unlock the potential for impactful change, fostering a community where every idea has the opportunity to flourish and make a lasting difference. Together, we’re building a platform where passion meets opportunity, igniting pathways for individuals to realize their fullest potential and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.